Michael Andrew Grissom

Author, Michael Andrew Grissom

 Michael Andrew Grissom was born in Oklahoma and received all of his formal education in that state. Holdenville, located in east central Oklahoma, is the city of his birth. After graduating from high school, Grissom attended the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his bachelor?s and master?s degrees.

 He has resided in Oklahoma and Tennessee and is the author of several books dealing with the history and culture of the American South. His first book, Southern By the Grace of God, published in 1988, became the first modern book written in defense of the South. Since that time, he has been recognized as one of the prominent figures in what has become known as ?the Southern movement.?

  Before entering upon his writing career, Grissom taught in the public and private schools of Oklahoma. Upon leaving the field of teaching, he organized and traveled with his own musical group, a male quartet called The Rebels.

During this period, Grissom bought and restored two historic buildings in Oklahoma - a three-story Victorian house built in 1899 and a large three-story hotel built in 1907. As a result of his preservation efforts, the Governor of the State of Oklahoma presented him with the Distinguished Service Award of the Oklahoma Heritage Society.

While living in Tennessee, he became the recipient of the prestigious Jefferson Davis Medal, presented by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in appreciation for his written defense of the South.

  In 1996, the United Daughters of the Confederacy chose an inscription Grissom had submitted for the Tennessee monument in the Vicksburg National Military Park, the text of which follows:

Honor to those who never sought it;
Fame to those who never wished it;
Glory to those who never dreamed it;
Immortality, for they earned it
The Confederate Soldiers of Tennessee