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OleSouthBooks.com will offer you the best of Pro-Southern books, videos and commentary. You will find this website to be much more than a source to order books and videos, it will be a Southern Educational Center.

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Autographed Books

Many of the books offered are autographed by the author - at no additional cost. When you see the autographed image the book is autographed.
When you see the speaker image, just click on it and you will hear an audio message from the author, and educational speech or a weekly commentary.

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The system is broken video by Donnie Kennedy

When you see a video image, just click on it for online video; a message from the author, preview a Pro-Southern video or a video on current events.
One of the most exciting features to appear in many years is Kennedy's Confederate Commentary. Walter D. Kennedy will be producing a weekly commentary as either an audio file or video on current events.

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Kennedy's Confederate Commentary

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