The Kennedy Brothers are Southern writers who follow the tradition of the Vanderbilt University Agrarians, Richard Weaver, and Mel Bradford. They are dedicated to defending the principles of our original Constitutional Republic of Republics and the truth of our honorable Southern Heritage.
Ronald and Donald were born and raised in Mississippi. Both received their Bachelor's degree from the University of Louisiana, Monroe (formerly Northeast Louisiana University). Ronald holds a Masters in Health Administration from Tulane University. Donald is a graduate of Charlotte Memorial Medical Center School of Anesthesia, Charlotte, N.C.


They have written and published five books The South Was Right!, Why Not Freedom! America's Revolt Against Big Government, Was Jefferson Davis Right?, Myths of American Slavery and Reclaiming Liberty. They also edited, annotated and republished A View of the Constitution the first textbook used at West Point to teach Constitutional Law. William Rawle a judge from Pennsylvania originally published it in 1825. He was an advocate of abolition but strongly supported the right of a Sovereign State to secede from the Union.
The Kennedy Twins live interviews have been aired on thousands of radio and television stations nation wide. Both were interviewed on air for an hour talk show hosted by Col. Oliver North.
Their writings received literary awards at the 1995 annual Southern Heritage meeting in Monroe, Louisiana, and, in the same year, from the Confederate POW Society.
Both have served as Commanders of the Louisiana Division Sons of Confederate Veterans. The Kennedy Brothers have received special recognition awards from the National Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
The August 1997 issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture featured the Kennedy Brothers in an article titled "The Good Kennedys".